HV Single Phase Isolator (Under Slung)





  • High quality porcelain insulator with inherently
    puncture & bird proofs.
  • Silver to silver contacts.
  • Optional “Safety Latch” prevents blade opening under short circuit forces.
  • Multi-purpose terminal palm, for compression lugs or cable clamps.
  • Choices of isolator without insulator or c/w high strength Insulator
    (6kN, 8kN or 12.5kN).


  • Rated Voltage: up to 72.5kV
  • Rated Current: 1600A/2000A/3150A
  • Type: SB6/SB8/SB12
  • Insulation Level(BIL): 200kV or 325kV
  • Rated Short Time Current (1s): 31.5kA


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