HSB Air Break Switch


  • Available with Porcelain, Polymer or Cycloaliphatic Epoxy
    Station Post insulators
  • Standard Flicker contact fitted
  • Multi-purpose terminal palm (for compression lugs or cable clamps)
  • Optional accessories:

             – Earth Switch
             – Pole Mounting Bracket Kit
             – Operating Handle Kit
             – Insulating Downrod Kit
             – Midpole Actuator Kit 
             – Any type of Structures & Cross arm
     Fully-fitted service
             – Interrupters are available for load break  
     “Double Break Interrupter” for
    current breaking capacity.

    * If you have any specific enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact with our sales representatives.
    We will get back to you with solutions. 



    • Rated Voltage: 12kV / 24kV / 36kV
    • Rated Current: 630A
    • Insulation Level(BIL): 150kV / 200kV
    • Rated Short Time Current (1s): 20kA

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