Disposal, Repair and Refurbishment Program

  • Inspection & Repair Of Used NGK Stanger Load Break Switches
    NGK Stanger are now able to accept NGK Stanger SF6 Load Break Switches for inspection and repair or disposal. Customers may return NGK SF6 Load Break Switches they wish to have inspected to NGK Stanger Melbourne facility where they will undergo a complete inspection to determine faults, electrical test, SF6 Gas Levels, and suitability for re-commissioning. Procedure to Return NGK SF6 Load Break Switches
  • Procedure to Return NGK SF6 Load Break Switches
    • Notification in writing to NGK Stanger is required detailing customer name, the type of switch. ( eg. 12kv manual, serial no., known faults)
    • Customer is to arrange suitable and protective packaging for return
    • If customer is arranging freight arrange delivery to;
                        - NGK Stanger 14 Childs Rd Epping Victoria 3076
  • Detail Inspection:
    Switches returned for inspection will undergo a procedure which involves more than 30 inspection and test points including electrical, visual, and mechanical tests. A copy of the inspection report will be provided.
  • Quotation:
    After inspection a written quotation will be provided to repair , re-package and
    return to customers premises.
  • Economic Cost:
    Refurbish/Repair services are all done locally in Melbourne factory.
  • Environmentally Friendly & Certification:
    Disposal service of SF6 Gas in accordance with environmental standards.
    A copy of the disposal certification will be supplied, after we removed the SF6 Gas from the switchgear.

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