Remote Mid-Pole Actuator


  • Converts existing manual switch to remote operation.
  • Able to be attached directly to existing Load Break Switch Manual Midpole Actuators or Downrods.
  • Able to retain existing manual lockout feature for isolation purpose.
  • Able to retain the familiar visual appearance of the existing Midpole Actuator.
  • Able to be installed to existing Midpole Actuator without Power Interruption.
  • Able to return operation to original manual operation (Manual Override) if required in emergency.
  • Able to make remote or manual operating status visually apparent to operator.

Convert Existing NGK-S Manual Switch to Remote Operation:
Australian designed and manufactured remote actuator for all manual NGK-S enclosed switches. This actuator can be either retrofitted to existing manual switches or for use with newly purchased manual units. 230Vac input - 24Vdc backup - with proven NGK Overhead Remote Switch RTU SCADA Ready Features.
Maintains operator familiar midpole actuator action for manual operation when required. The Remote Actuator Kit attaches to or replaces the existing midpole actuator. The kit is able to be installed without power interruption.

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