General Warranty

  1. NGK  Stanger Pty Ltd  ( the Vendor) hereby warrants to the Purchaser that goods manufactured by NGK Stanger Pty Ltd shall be free from defects due to faulty design, materials and workmanship.
  2. If it is proven to our reasonable satisfaction that goods manufactured by NGK Stanger Pty Ltd are not free from defects due to faulty design , materials and workmanship then NGK Stanger Pty Ltd shall, at no cost  and our option, either ;
    1. repair the goods
    2. replace such goods with the same or equivalent goods at the point of delivery applicable to the contract under which the original goods were supplied to the Purchaser
    3. refund to the Purchaser the contract price of such goods .
      The warranty does not extend to include any labour costs for removal or re-installation.
      Any removal, re-installation or consequential costs will be for the Purchasers account.
      The warranty cover for the repaired / replaced items will expire on the same date as the original warranty provided.
      When warranty repairs / replacement are to be carried out at locations other than NGK Stanger Pty Ltd premises, then the cost for labour, travel, travel time, and accommodation costs incurred by NGK Stanger Pty Ltd will be to the Purchaser account.

      This warranty does not cover any batteries supplied or included with any NGK Stanger products . 
  3. This warranty does not apply in respect of defects due to or arising from ;
    1. Incorrect or negligent handling, disregard of operating and/or maintenance instructions, overloading, unsuitable operating conditions,  defective civil or building work ,  lightening , accident , neglect , faulty erection , acts of God,  causes beyond the Vendors control,  or whilst unauthorized repairs or alterations have been carried out or non compliance with the products’ power and grounding specifications.
    2. The use of goods of a consumable nature; or
    3. Fair wear and tear 
  4. This warranty does not apply unless;
    1. The goods have been properly handled, located, used, maintained, and stored.
    2. The defects have occurred within 12 months after installation or a maximum of 18 months from delivery date.  (unless otherwise agreed to in a contract)
    3. NGK Stanger Pty Ltd is notified in writing within 7 days of the alleged defect.
    4. The Purchaser returns the defective goods to NGK Stanger Pty Ltd or its nominated location.
  5. The benefit of this warranty is personal to the Purchaser and is non-assignable without the prior written consent of the Vendor.


Qality Policy Statement

NGK Stanger Pty Ltd specialises in the development, manufacture, procurement and marketing of high and low voltage switchgear and associated equipment for application in the distribution and transmission of electricity.

The company is committed to supply products to its customers, which are delivered on time, which are of a quality that is suitable for the intended purpose and which conform to agreed standards, specifications and expectations.

To ensure that we only supply products that are acceptable to our customers, the company requires that all its employees actively participate and take their share of responsibility in the control of quality.

In order to achieve this objective, the company will maintain and continually improve an effective and efficient Quality Assurance System, developed to satisfy, and comply with the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008. In addition the company had set KPI's as a tool to measure the quality system through all levels of the company.

The company’s business system manual describes how the company conducts its business by the application of this system and thereby consistently satisfies its customers’ expectations.

NGK Stanger regards its vendors as an extension of its operations and considers it of paramount importance for vendors to operate a Quality Assurance System appropriate to the products and services they provide.

Compliance with this Quality Assurance Policy is a requirement of every function within our business and I ask all personnel to support it in everything they do.

The short (annual), mid and long-term quality and environmental objectives are identified agreed and constantly monitored at regular management review meetings.



Environmental Policy Statement

NGK Stanger Pty Ltd is totally committed to ensuring that the environment we work and live in is protected and the many resources that impact upon the environment are considered in all our business decisions, our practices, our products and our services. NGK Stanger Pty Ltd is also committed to continually improve in all areas where environmental issues are present and especially in the area of prevention of pollution and ensuring the health and safety
of our employees and neighbours.

Action Guidelines

1. Continuously enhance the environmental management system
2. Reduce industrial waste by promoting resource conservation and by recycling
3. Promote energy conservation and reduce emissions of CO2
4. Give preference to, wherever practical, purchasing environmentally friendly materials, parts and products
5. Improve environmental awareness among NGK Stager employees awareness and training
6. KPI's had been set to ensure that the environmental system is at the fore front of all management decisions with in the company. 

We will also ensure full compliance will all local, Victorian and Australian regulations that apply as well as any industrial and commercial requirements.

The Management Review Team, headed by the Managing Director, will coordinate the environmental objectives in line with the overall corporate philosophy. The spreadsheet ‘Record of Energy Consumption & By-products’ will be the main annual guidance and communication tool employed to track and report all environmental targets. It is the philosophy of Head Office that each subsequent year these objectives will aim at achieving greater results and to continually improve our systems so that our environment remains safe and measurable by the reduction of pollutants & wastes.


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