Powder Filled Type


  • High quality New Zealand insulator with inherently puncture & bird proofs.
  • High pressure silver to silver contacts, wiping action.
  • Multiple types of hanger kits are avaiable.
  • Selection of ø50.8mm or ø76.2mm clamp ring kit.


  • Rated Voltage: 12kV or 24/36kV
  • Rated Current: 200A
  • Insulation Level: 95kV or 170kV
  • Rated Breaking Capacity:
    • 40kA @ 12kV, 35.5kA @ 24kV and 25kA @ 36kV

Note: NGK-S only supplies the "fuse mount", but not the "fuse catridge".
Please contact your local fuse specialist for the catridge.

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