Fault Man

  • Detects line fault currents
  • Detects voltage presence
  • Piecewise graphical detector settings
  • 5 curves selectable
  • Multiple power supply
  • Two way radio for SCADA monitoring
  • RadioLink router for direct communication
  • Local and remote indication


FaultMan is designed for electricity distribution networks using open wire transmission and is suited for the monitoring of line current and voltage.

FaultMan can be configured for line fault detection level and time and these settings can be dynamically changed via SCADA or local command using RadioLink.

FaultMan detects through fault currents and indicates fault status via its indicators and report by exception through RadioLink to SCADA. DNP3.0 protocol on RadioLink is standard.

FaultMan may be placed strategically on the line at branching points or on long lengths of line for fast fault location. FaultMan uses a patented clamping system to automatically fix itself to various diameter cables. One FaultMan is required per line being monitored.

Technical Specification

Line fault indication from 5–1000A at 6-65kV ; Voltage presence and percentage vaule ; Current faults from 20ms to 60sec

ZigBee 2007 radio protocol

Alarm Reset:         
By voltage or SCADA command

20 settings for current level and time with timer range from 100ms to 65sec

Setting Groups:    
5 groups SCADA selected

2 local high power LEDS and XENON repeater on RadioLink pole mounted station (Variable flash rate)

Power Supply:       
Lithium Thionyl D-cell, solar panel and CT (optional rechargeable lithium-ion available)

-25 to +75 degrees celsius

UV stabilised Nylon

800g (including battery and CT’s)

Degree of protection:

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