LV Monitoring Kit


NGK-S offers a range of products providing monitoring of voltage, current and temperature of low voltage (415VAC) distribution networks.

This products provide an integrated approach to sensor application and are designed for outdoor use. They may be used in various combinations ranging from standalone to complete SCADA monitoring. Use of common building blocks means less inventory
for the user.

Basic Building Blocks
NGK-S manufactures a Fuse Switch Disconnector (FSD). This
device is
used to connect and/or isolate low voltage circuits from a distribution transformer. It may be used with solid links as a manual switch or with fuses for network protection.

Intergrated Building Blocks
The FSD is available as an integrated 400A three phase version. A higher
current 600A version is also available as a single phase unit. Both versions have the option of also connecting a neutral wire if so required.

The RTU version of the FSD includes 3 CT’s for current monitoring and 6 VT’s for voltage monitoring. The RTU is self powered from the signal wires and therefore requires no additional transformer or power supply. Additional inputs are available for the measurement of temperature either locally (within the RTU enclosure) or remotely eg. transformer temperature rise measurements.

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