NGK Stanger Pty Ltd

NGK Insulators LTD, Japan, was founded with a single purpose - to manufacture high-voltage insulators in Japan. Underpinned by diverse ceramics technologies perfected over many years, the Company is developing its Power, Ceramics Products, and Electronics operations as a global player in three business domains: Ecology, Energy and Electronics. Always looking forward, NGK remains committed to using its ceramic technologies to offer products that benefit the world and create new value.

NGK Stanger was founded in 1993 as a joint venture company. The present shareholders are NGK Insulators Ltd and Energy Support Corporation. Founded as Stanger & Co. in 1930 the company is a major designer and manufacturer of quality switchgear for the electricity distribution and transmission industry.

Following the formation of NGK Stanger, new products based on Japanese technology were introduced gradually localising processes and components. This transfer has continued and NGK Stanger now has an additional range of switchgear products manufactured in Australia using latest Japanese technology.

Our Melbourne factory is dedicated to the manufacture of transmission and distribution equipment. This factory also includes a high tech cleanroom and modern production lines, wherethe new products are assembled.

Our customers consist of electricity transmission and distribution companies from across Australia and New Zealand. Future development into rest of the world is planned.

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